The Best Boots Have Straps: The Case for Bootstrapping Your Start-up

Deciding to Bootstrap

Ultimately, bootstrapping allowed me to maintain control over our vision. Because we do not have an exit strategy, nor a unique opportunity that is going away, the alignment with a VC is not there. In the process of speaking to many funders, I realized that I did not like the power dynamics at play, and I would only engage when I had the upper hand. But this goes back to my own unique childhood to explain this.


Before making the decision to bootstrap, I ran a few thought experiments. I built a list of my “whys”, my “big dreams” and my “personal preferences.” These all led me to build a bootstrapped company.

So is Bootstrapping Right for You?

Considering your “whys”, “big dreams” and “personal preferences” will help you decide what path is right for you and your business. If you have a strong desire for control over the business’ mission and your preferences and dreams align well with a bootstrapping lifestyle, bootstrapping is a great choice. At Odetta bootstrapping has allowed us to control our journey and experience in ways we couldn’t have with traditional investor funding. If you’re independent, determined, and have a specific direction in mind for your business like me, you won’t regret it– and I know I don’t.



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Katharine Wolf

Katharine Wolf

Founder & CEO @OdettaInc. Building #futureofwork platform powered by #womenintech